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Teachers and Committee

We have a great team of teachers and committee members at Belmont Music Centre.

Belmont Music Centre relies on volunteers to continue running.  BMC Committee and Parent Helpers volunteer to help out on Saturday mornings (and the occasional admin job during the week).

Any help you could offer?  We’d love to hear from you - click the email button above!

Susannah MacDonald - Flute and Recorder Teacher

  • BMC Teacher since 2004

Our longest-standing teacher, and always so positive and helpful!  Susannah started out

teaching keyboard at BMC before moving to the flute.  She can also play all sizes of recorder.  

Susannah has a special interest in Renaissance, Baroque and Classical music.  She has sung

in the Auckland Choral Society and performed house concerts with a recorder player and

guitarist/lute player.  Susannah started as a primary school teacher but decided to specialise

in the arts.  She has a Bachelor of Visual Arts and is a professional artist specialising in painting,

drawing and illustration.  She is a published author and poet, and has exhibited her art at

various places.  She also teaches art to children.

Katie Helyer - Cello Teacher

  • BMC Teacher since 2012
  • BMus (Hons)
  • LRSM

BMC is delighted to have had Katie on the team for several years now!  In addition to a strong

academic background in music (including two years of postgraduate study/teaching at the

Cleveland Institute of Music), Katie’s professional solo and chamber music career, as well as her

music teaching, has spanned over 30 years.  Katie was a founding member of the Auckland


Dominic Cornfield - Keyboard Teacher

  • BMC Teacher since 2014
  • ABRSM Grade 8 Trumpet/Cornet
  • ABRSM Grade 8 Piano
  • ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory

​​David Mojel - Trumpet Teacher

  • BMC Teacher since 2015

David, who used to be a BMC student, relieved our trumpet classes for some time before

becoming our permanant trumpet teacher.  We have to put him out on the end classroom

as there is always so much noisy fun coming from his room!  He has also been our Concert

Band leader.

Timothea Doyle - Drums/Percussion Teacher

  • BMC Teacher since 2016
  • BMus

Thea studied for a Bachelor of Music at the University of Auckland, majoring in Jazz Performance. 

Having played drums for more than ten years, Thea's favourite styles are jazz, rock and classical

percussion.  Thea writes music and plays in several bands, and is also a poet, artist and jeweller.

Nathan Pinkney - Violin Teacher

  • BMC Teacher since 2017

Elijah Whyte - Drums/Band Teacher
  • BMC Teacher since 2018
  • BMus

Elijah is another of our teachers who as a child learnt music at BMC!  As well as running our

rock band, he also plays drums in a local band.

John Middleton - Guitar Teacher

  • BMC Teacher since 2019

John has been a brilliant relief teacher at BMC for years, stepping in masterfully for several

different instruments.  At the moment he is teaching guitar, but can also teach violin, cello,

viola, double bass, keyboard and flute.

Brendan Dalton - Clarinet and Recorder/Ukulele Teacher

  • BMC Teacher since 2020
  • Grade 8 Clarinet

Brendan is yet another ex-BMC student who also taught clarinet here several years ago, and has

now returned.  Welcome back!  He can also play the sax.

Felicity Lewis - Singing and Keyboard Teacher

  • BMC Teacher since 2020
  • ABRSM Classical Singing Grade 8 (2018)

Felicity has been accepted as a member of the Auckland Youth Choir in 2020, and was a member

of the New Zealand Secondary Students Choir (2017-2018), touring around NZ and overseas.  At

Takapuna Grammar School she was head Chorister of the choir, Leonessa, which attended the Big

Sing Finale in both the past two years, received the 2019 singing trophy for ‘Excellence in Choral

music’, and took on the lead role of Sandy in the school production of Grease!

Grace Brownlie - Keyboard Teacher

  • BMC Teacher since 2020
  • Piano Grade 8 Level
  • Oboe Grade 8 Level

Grace is currently in Year 13 at Epsom Girls Grammar, and is experienced working with children.  

She has been learning piano since she was 6 and oboe since she was 12, and is first oboe in her school

orchestra.  She is planning on sitting both Grade 8 piano and Grade 8 oboe this year.


Erin-Lee Gonzales - Flute, Guitar, Recorder, Keyboard, Ukulele

  • ABRSM Grade 8 Music Theory
  • Trinity Grade 7 Flute

Erin is another ex-BMC student who has been a parent, committee member and relief teacher

at BMC for over 10 years.  She played for many years in the North Shore Concert Band and

plays in her church music team.  She has taught children and adults flute, maths, ESOL, and

other school subjects, and she currently homeschools three of her children.

James Turner - Clarinet

James taught clarinet at BMC several years ago and was also BMC Manager between 2015

and 2019.  He continues to help out when needed as clarinet reliever.

Andrew Bian - Saxophone

  • ABRSM Grade 8 Classical Alto Saxophone (2013)

Andrew focuses mainly on the classical saxophone, but enjoys practicing and playing jazz as

well.  He has played saxophone for over 12 years and participated in numerous bands.  

Andrew joined BMC in 2015 as a relief teacher before taking over as our saxophone teacher
in 2018 and 2019.

Evie Murphy - Flute, Intro Keyboard/Recorder/Ukulele

  • LTCL Flute

Evie taught recorder/ukulele at BMC a few years ago, and we welcome her back in 2020

as a relief teacher when she is not working as a doctor!

Robert Bisquera - Trumpet

Max Chen - Cello

  • ABRSM Grade 8 Cello (2018)

​Max is also an ex-BMC student, winning our cup for excellence in 2015.  He is a member of

the Auckland Youth Orchestra and a reserve for the National Youth Orchestra.

Nikolai Pasichnik - Violin

Helene Piper - Percussion and Singing

Jose Tacson - Keyboard, Guitar, Drums

Jose is originally from Colombia, where he has over 15 years experience in education and 

music teaching.

Dave Walker - Guitar

Dave sang and played music for many years in a folk band in England.  He also has 20+

years experience as an ESOL teacher.


Chris Davis

- Chairperson - Erin-lee Gonzales
- Secretary - Patricia Rajalingham

- Treasurer - Winnie Wong

- Assistant Treasurer - Aya Hashad

- Instrument Guardians - Glenn Riseborough, Xiaoying Xu, Yan Li, Shirley Sun, Nathan Gonzales

- Advertising - Iain Butler

- Website - Vict Gonzales

- Roster Coordinator - Deanna Barton

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