All instruments except for Guitar and Keyboard.$175.00 per student per class with a maximum of $350.00
Guitar and Keyboard.$300.00 per student per class with no maximum

Belmont Music Centre   ( Belmont Music School )    


For example, for one student to enrol in Clarinet and Guitar, a fee of $475.00 is payable ($175 + $300).
For example, for one student to enrol in Guitar and Keyboard, a fee of $600.00 is payable.
Please make sure you calculate your fee correctly. If you are unsure, please email the Centre Manager,

These fees should be viewed as reasonable, particularly in comparison to many other extra-curricular activities. 

Please note that all keyboards require electrical testing in order to be used on Belmont Intermediate School property. We will arrange for electrical testing of all keyboards to take place within the first few weeks of classes by Devonport Electrical, 27a Lake Road, Devonport, ph. 445 3447. We will cover the electrical testing fees with the keyboard enrolment fees meaning there is no additional fee parents need to pay for the testing, but parents & students need to be compliant with the testing process.

​​Belmont Music Centre General Terms and Conditions (applying to all enrolments - please read) 

All enrolments are subject to the following Terms and Conditions.

  • All fees must be paid before the start of Term 1. Overdue fees will result in a student being removed from their class. 
  • All fees are non-refundable, unless a class is cancelled before the start of Term 1. 
  • Belmont Music Centre will endeavour to ensure all classes run according to the planned timetable and activity schedule, but it may be necessary in some cases for a reliever to teach on a particular class day or if a reliever cannot be found, to cancel a particular class. Belmont Music Centre reserves the right to ask a reliever to teach a class, or cancel a particular class day if a reliever cannot be found.
  • The published activity schedule is subject to change. Announcements will be made to advise of any changes.
  • Belmont Music Centre reserves the right to make changes to tutoring staff.
  • ​Images may be taken of students on concert days and some class days, for Belmont Music Centre promotional materials. 

If there is doubt or any concerns about classes you should contact the Music Centre Manager,

Are you ready to get started?

We are now accepting enrolments for 2019. Please read & follow the instructions below. 

Please note we do not operate a phone number. If you have questions, you can email them to (emails should be kept brief & to the point) or come and see us personally during Term 4 at Belmont Intermediate School, find us near the school hall. 

To see some of what we do, we encourage you to come to our end of year concert on Saturday 8 December 2018, at 10.30 - 11.30 am, in the BIS school hall. 

Please read these instructions carefully. They have been written to be as clear as possible.


Instructions for enrolling in person (optional):

We will have an opportunity for interested parents and students to come and meet us, collect & complete an enrolment form, in the school hall, on Saturday 15 December 2018, 10am - 12 noon. Our tutors will be present. This is also instrument return morning for 2018 (see the "Calendar" page). 

We prefer payment by internet banking, please pay your fees to bank account 12 3015 0455247 00. Use your child's name as a reference. Fees for the 2019 year are set out below.

If you do not enrol in person on Saturday 15 December 2018, you must enrol by following the instructions below for "online". 

Instructions for enrolling online:

1. Download the enrolment form here. You will need to enter your class details with reference to the 2019 class timetable in the "Timetable" section of this website.

2. Complete, save and email the enrolment form to You can also deliver the enrolment form with payment to the Music Centre office, in the BIS school hall foyer, during Term 4 2018. You can also post your enrolment form with payment, to PO Box 33884, Takapuna, Auckland. However, we do prefer to receive enrolments online and payment via internet banking. 

3. We prefer payment by internet banking, please pay your fees to bank account 12 3015 0455247 00. Use your child's name as a reference. The fees set out below apply for the 2018 year.

4. You will receive confirmation of your enrolment via email in late January 2019.

NOTICE: Classes are not free. Please make payment at the time of enrolment. We do not like needing to chase up unpaid fees. We may send you an invoice to remind you to make payment if you do not do so at the time you send your enrolment form. 

Fees are for the 2019 year (the entire year, not per Term). 





​5. Instrument Hire 

There are two options for instrument hire.

a) From Belmont Music Centre directly.
The Music Centre has the following instruments available for hire.
Clarinet, Trumpet, Saxophone, Violin, Cello, Flute. 

The hire fee for all instruments from the Music Centre directly for 2019 is $160. This fee is non-refundable once paid, unless we are unable to allocate you an instrument.

If you are hiring an instrument from the Music Centre directly, you must complete and sign the hire agreement form here. Please email this completed form to 

Please pay the $160 per instrument hire fee into bank account 12 3015 0455247 00. Ensure you use your child's name as a reference. 

b) From other suppliers. 

People should know that there are other options for hiring instruments, rather than directly from the Music Centre. We want to encourage people hiring instruments directly from suppliers KBB ( and/or ABI (

In many cases, KBB and ABI are able to offer a more competitive instrument hire option than the Music Centre can. In many cases you will receive a better quality instrument by hiring directly from KBB or ABI, than the Music Centre is able to provide.

The Music Centre will retain instrument hire of instruments it owns as an option, but we want to encourage people hiring their instruments from elsewhere too. 

If you wish you can also purchase instruments from KBB or ABI, please speak with them directly. However hiring an instrument initially usually makes sense, due to the cost that can be involved with purchasing.  

Information about hiring from KBB is available here

Information about hiring from ABI is available here

This information includes details about pricing, which we repeat, is often more competitive that what the Music Centre can provide.

You may need to speak with KBB and/or ABI in person to arrange your instrument hire.

Additional information regarding hiring instruments directly from the Music Centre

As the Centre has a limited number of instruments for hire, instruments will be hired out on a first come first served basis. We will allow returning students to indicate on the hire agreement form if you wish to hire the same instrument as during 2018, by entering the instrument number. Apart from this, all instrument allocations will be determined by the Centre. 
Once you have emailed in the completed and signed hire agreement form and paid your instrument hire fee, you will receive a "place in the queue" eg. Clarinet 3, Violin 5, Flute 6. This will then allow instruments to be allocated. If we cannot allocate you an instrument your instrument hire fee will be refunded but apart from this there will be no other refunds of instrument hire fees once paid. 

Instrument accessories: Most instruments hired from the Music Centre come with accessories and these must be kept and returned with the instrument at the end of the hire. The only exception to this is reeds, which do not need to be returned at the end of the hire. We keep records of the accessories which have been issued with each instrument. 

We do not replace instrument accessories including reeds during the hire period free of charge if they are broken or lost. 

Please be aware that students hiring a Flute or Clarinet from the Music Centre directly may need to purchase their own cleaning swab/pull through. Students hiring a Saxophone may need to purchase their own cleaning swab/pull through and neck strap. Some of our instruments do come with cleaning swabs/pull through and neck straps, but not all and we cannot provide any guarantee in this regard. You can purchase these items from KBB in Takapuna/Newmarket, or ABI in Glenfield The cost for these items is around $10 - $15. See the KBB price list link, below. 

NOTICE: Instruments hired from the Music Centre will be available for collection from the BIS school hall between 10am - 12 noon on Saturday 2 February 2019. If hiring from the Music Centre you should try to collect your instrument on Saturday 2 February 2019, rather than the first day of classes. If you try to collect your instrument on the first day of classes (Saturday 9 February) it is likely there will be delays.

Please note (to avoid doubt) instruments hired from KBB and/or ABI will not be available to collect on Saturday 2 February 2019. Arrangements should be made with KBB and ABI for collecting instruments hired from them. 

6. Books and instruments requiring purchase

a) Books. 

Please note most classes require books to be purchased. Books will be supplied in 2019 by KBB Music. These will be available for purchase on Saturday 9 February 2019 9am - 12 noon in the school library, directly from a KBB representative. 
You can find a list of the books required for each class here and the KBB price list here. On Saturday 9 February 2019, it is the "line total" price that KBB will sell the books at. Please note you may already have some of the books from a previous year's attendance.  

b) Instruments requiring purchase.

Please note that the following instruments need to be purchased and cannot be hired from the Music Centre. 
Guitar, Keyboard, Recorder, Ukelele, Drum pads/sticks.

KBB will have these instruments available for purchase and inspection on Saturday 9 February 2019, in the school library. The KBB price list is here (this is the same list as above, under "Books"). 

Please be aware if you do not have the required books and instrument (either hired or requiring purchase), you will not be adequately prepared to participate in classes.

For books and instruments requiring purchase it is better to ensure that if you have not done so prior to 9 February, you purchase these from KBB Music on 9 February, rather than leave it later than this. Saturday 9 February is the only day during 2019 that KBB Music will be present at BIS. 

If you do not purchase your books or instrument requiring purchase on Saturday 9 February 2019, you may be able purchase them from the KBB shop in Takapuna, Albany or Epsom. Please note however Belmont Music Centre is unable ensure that KBB has particular item(s) available for purchase from their store at a particular time, it may pay to phone the store in advance before travelling there to check availability. You can also purchase books online at (which has free shipping).