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Online enrolments for 2021 are now closed.  To enquirie about late enrolments, please email:

Classes at BMC run from February through to December on Saturday mornings during school term-time, and enrolments are for this time (ie, enrolments are not term-based).

Class Times

Classes are 40 minutes long, running at four times on Saturday mornings between 8:45am and 12 noon.

See our Times & Dates page for our yearly calendar and Saturday morning timetable.

2021 subscription fees for the year per child per instrument: $150

No extra charge: All enrolled students join an ensemble -- a mixed instrument and mixed level larger group of students, who typically work throughout the year to learn several longer pieces.  See below for details.

Hire an instrument $50/year (Feb-Dec); see below for instruments available.

Recorders available for purchase: $15


Instruments available and approximate class ages (due to sizes of instruments etc):
Suitable for beginners:                  For music-readers only:

Keyboard 6yrs+                           Cello 7yrs+
Recorder 6yrs+                            Flute 7yrs+

Ukulele 6yrs+                              Violin 7yrs+

Singing 6yrs+                              Drums (and percussion) 7yrs+

                                                 Clarinet 8yrs+
                                                  Trumpet 8yrs+

                                                  Guitar 8yrs+
                                                  Viola 8yrs+

                                                  Saxophone 9yrs+


Ensemble students develop music skills not taught in classes.

Our Choir, at 10:30am, is suitable for all levels of students.

Our Orchestra, Wind Band and Rock Band are all at 10:30am.  These groups are suitable for students who are continuing into their second/third+ year of learning an instrument and can read music.

See our "Info & FAQs" page for what you'll need for each class.


We will confirm payment details and your enrolment by email.  Bank account 12 3015 0455247 00; use your child's name as reference. Subs are non-refundable once paid, unless the class is discontinued.

Instrument Hire/Purchase
Hiring an instrument for at least your first year of learning usually makes sense, due to the cost involved with purchasing.

Hire instruments available for Feb-Dec: Flutes, Clarinets, Trumpets, Saxophones, Violins and Cellos.

Sorry, guitars, keyboards and drums are not available to hire at present.

The fee is non-refundable once paid, unless we are unable to allocate you an instrument.  Fill in a hire agreement form at the BMC office (in the foyer of BIS school hall) on the first day of classes when you pick up your instrument (we need your signature for this one).

Hired Instrument accessories: Most instruments hired from BMC come with accessories and (except for reeds) must be returned with the instrument at the end of the hire.

Soprano Recorders (Aulos 1 piece) available for purchase.

Note: KBB and ABI are also able to offer good quality instrument purchase or hire - please speak with them directly.


You can purchase accessories from Farrell's in Lake Rd, Takapuna, KBB in Takapuna/Newmarket and ABI in Glenfield.  Some accessories also may be available in the BMC office on Saturday mornings -- ask a friendly committee member/manager.

Electrical Testing
Electrical testing is required for all electrical items in order to be used on Belmont Intermediate School property. We will arrange for electrical testing of instruments to take place within the first few weeks of classes.  We cover electrical testing fees with the enrolment fees (no additional fee parents need to pay for the testing), but parents and students need to be compliant with the testing process.

Any questions? Email us