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Frequently asked questions

Q. Why should my child learn a musical instrument?

A. Learning a musical instrument is an excellent exercise in both brain cognition (watch the video on our "Home" page) and creativity. Learning a musical instrument doesn't necessarily mean a career as a musician is required.... at the very least learning an instrument is a valuable and enjoyable skill that will stay with the player for life. Learning an instrument may equip a player with thinking, problem solving and other skills that are relevant to and useful for a range of career pathways.

Starting to learn at primary and intermediate age is particularly useful, in order to take full advantage of the musical programs offered at secondary schools. 

Q. Why should I consider group lessons as opposed to private/one-to-one lessons?

A. Group lessons are a great, social way to learn to play a musical instrument. There is a huge amount to be learned about playing an instrument that is learned from playing with others. Joining one of our ensemble groups is an excellent way to get some further extension in this regard. Group lessons are affordable too, meaning you can try something out and if you find you do not like it and want to stop then a huge amount of money has not been spent. 

Q. What happens if a class I want to enrol in clashes with sport?

A. We only offer classes on Saturday mornings. You need to make the decision - music or sport ! We know what we think is the best option .... :-) ! 

Q. How much practice should my child do?

A. Practice of 3 - 4 times a week for around 15 - 30 minutes depending on their age is reasonable. Continuing to practice during the school holidays is also a good idea. 

Q. What if I miss a lesson?

A. Missing a lesson is OK, although missing a number of lessons makes it difficult to keep up with the rest of the members of your class. You should try to tell your tutor if you are going to miss a lesson so they can plan. 

Q. Can I take private lessons as well?

A. You can if you wish although when students are at different levels in a class as can occur when private lessons are being taken, this can make our tutor's jobs difficult. We will do our best to accommodate you but some understanding & flexibility may be required at your end. 

Q. Can I help?

A. Yes, we have a Committee of parents who help in running the Centre. We also have parent helpers who we call on from time to time to assist. Please email the Music Centre Manager at if you are interested in being involved, we would be grateful for your help.

Q. What if I need to buy replacement accessories for my instrument (reeds, strings, rosin etc)?

A. The Music Centre does have a small supply of accessories on site which you can purchase if you wish. Otherwise you can buy them from KBB ( in Takapuna, Albany or Epsom. 

​Q. How does Belmont Music Centre offer tuition at the rates it does?
A. Belmont Music Centre is a registered Charity and receives some funding from the Ministry of Education. Fees that parents pay are used to contribute to the running costs of the Centre which include but are not limited to instrument upkeep & maintenance. 
Q. Do you operate a phone number?
A. The answer to this is no. Belmont Music Centre in large part relies on volunteer effort and we do not have the personnel available to operate a phone number. You can email questions you have (please keep them brief and to the point) to and the Music Centre Manager will reply. 

Q. How long has Belmont Music Centre been around for?

A. Belmont Music Centre was first established in the 1970's. Obviously though, it has gone through various changes over time.