Available Positions

Committee/Parent Helpers: One free subscription available for each committee member.

Relief Teachers: To be on call -- will need to be available Saturday mornings only.

Contracted Teachers: If you are passionate about introducing music to children, send us a message.  We may be able to find a regular class for the right person.

‚ÄčBMC Manager: To take over for the 2021 teaching year and beyond.  Ideally, 2021 enrolments start early in term 4, so we'd love to hear from you now. An ideal person would be a senior teacher with teacher management experience.

A manager is required to run the Belmont Music Centre, which operates on Saturday mornings throughout the year.

Duties include management of the music school, organising music programmes, classes, allocating MOE funding, enrolments, employment/management of music teachers, scheduling, performances, timetables, delivery of the programme as set down by the MOE.

Please send your CV to Nick Hill, Principal at nhill@belmontint.school.nz by 13th October, 2020

If you would like to apply for one of these positions, please contact us using the form below.

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